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Complete hydrogen sulfide removal in your plant's gas stream is easily achieved by designing gas purifiers to accommodate your typical daily gas flow, average hydrogen sulfide content, permissible static pressure drop, required media bed life, and precise location details.

Based on your requirements, Marcab Co., Inc. will design a purifier to:

  • Remove hydrogen sulfide to less than 1 ppm
  • Maintain existing static pressure within 1 inch water column
  • Sustain media bed life to your maintenance schedule
  • Provide adequate capacity to insure continuous scrubbing
  • Conform to your available area

Marcab Co., Inc. will also provide:

  • Structural and seismic calculations and certification
  • Pressure-testing certification


Marcab Gas Purifiers are delivered to your job site ready for installation. Iron Sponge media is delivered separately. Once the vessel is situated and all piping is connected, the Iron Sponge is placed in the vessel according to Marcab Operation Manual instructions.

A Marcab Co., Inc. Representative will certify installation according to Marcab recommendations. Our Representative will instruct maintenance personnel in the function, operation and maintenance of the scrubber.

Periodic testing of the scrubbed gas verifies the elimination of sulfides. When testing shows unacceptable levels of sulfides in the exhaust, the media is regenerated or replaced. At your request a Marcab Representative will supervise the first regeneration.

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